Nepal Petrol Portraits-1

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Citizens of landlocked Nepal, a country that heavily depends on border trade with India for supplies, are facing severe shortages in essential goods including petroleum products, diesel, kerosene, aviation fuel, and cooking gas. Basic supplies include food, medicine and raw materials for several industries to operate.

In Nepal, 63% of the population lack access to reliable electricity. Developing countries need to expand access to reliable and modern energy services if they are to reduce poverty and improve the health of their citizens.

SunFarmer, a solar engineering non-profit that installs solar energy in hospitals, health clinics, schools and agricultural sites throughout the developing world, has been working hard to provide alternative and reliable solar solutions to give power back to the people.

The petrol crisis has been reported by the citizens of Nepal to be worse than the April 25th 7.8 magnitude earthquakes that hit the country. The earthquake has caused around USD $7 billion in damages, and it is estimated that the current cumulative loss from the blockage at the Indian border significantly exceeds that amount.
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