Living the Martial Way

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British instructor and coach, Edward Hines 45, has been a martial artist for over 30 years. His passion began in the early nineties while studying Tai-Chi under the Taiwanese Master Luo DeXiu. Edward is valued for his serene, meditative and calming presence and contagious enthusiasm for martial arts, movement and physical training. He seamlessly transmits his knowledge, passion for learning and desire to coach individuals that come his way.

Edward instructs and shares valuable life lessons on a daily basis. He opened up I-Bagua in Paris, a school to develop movement skills and physical training for the mind, which predominantly focuses on Bagua, a Chinese martial art that first appeared in 19th century Beijing. It is an internal style of Kung-Fu that uses a set of circular and spiral movements to develop power and a solid foundation for a wide range of striking, locking and throwing techniques. Through weekend seminars and weekly classes, Edward also provides instruction in Tai-Chi, Qi-Gong and self-defense.

To balance his daily training routine, he coaches CrossFit at the box, a program that builds strength and conditioning through varied, high-intensity functional movements to improve overall physical well-being and cardiovascular fitness.

Whether he is at home with his family or at the gym training, instructing or coaching, he emphasizes the importance of developing self-awareness and understanding movement. He reminds us “at its best, martial arts link health with mental development, with social interaction, and deep insight with some joyful experience.”
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