Citizen's Awareness

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The Citizen Awareness Centre in Babare, Nepal is a meeting point for people in the community to come together once a week to socialize and discuss ways to facilitate change to better the livelihoods of its community members. Programs setup by the centre include construction of storage areas, shelters, temporary learning centers (TLCs) in schools, and shelters in women friendly spaces. Solar was installed in four village development centers (VDCs) and adopted about five years ago in the community. It has encouraged people to discuss the topic of renewable energy and earthquake relief efforts in Nepal.

The initial post-earthquake government support of Rs 2000 was inadequate. Most of the support to the citizens of Nepal came in the form of foreign aid and support from NGOs and INGOs. Two to three months after the earthquake, the government distributed Rs. 15,000 to victims who had received an ID as an earthquake victim.

Action Aid, a non-profit working to further human rights and defeat poverty, has provided the Babare community with Zinc sheets, kitchen utensils, fire sacks, a hammer, nails and pliers for each household. SunFarmer, a non-profit that installs solar energy in hospitals, health clinics, schools and agricultural sites throughout the developing world, has provided the community with a 100 watt solar micro charging station.
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