Bali Road

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With only a single paved highway snaking around the island paradise of Bali, the true traveller's gems can only be found if you venture along the innumerable unmarked dirt roads that litter the mountainous countryside.

Rent a motorbike and leave the map behind and ride to the rhythm of the local gamelan; where every corner, ditch, bump, involuntary road block and stray dog seems to paint a picture of what it means to be Balinese.

Home to some of the world's most productive terraced farming, abundant seas, alpine lakes, active volcanoes, endless beaches and dark jungles, it's easy to understand why the Balinese believe everything has a spirit. It would be impossible to begin to understand Bali and especially its people, without considering the importance of their relationship with their island home. They are a people who fundamentally understand symbiosis and sustainability. For each thing taken from the earth, one must replace and renew. Without this cycle, life would be impossible for an island nation.

This unique relationship has given rise to a special kind of people. They fill Western bookshelves with images of spirituality and divineness, but in reality they are nothing more than humble, pragmatic, positive and friendly. Head off to any local market and you'll encounter families willing to open their homes and share their stories with you. Hospitality and a healthy dose of laughter can always be expected.
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