Ageing Nepal

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This series of portraits offers a view into the lives of a few senior citizens around the Briddhashram elderly home in Pasupatinath, Nepal.

Ageing Nepal is a not-for-profit NGO committed to the cause of the aging population in Nepal.

"With a life time of hard work, senior citizens of today deserve a dignified and cared for old age, not as a charity from the younger generation but as the right of their own. As elders are the living history of a society, it is important to utilize their knowledge, skills and experience for socio-economic development. Today’s youth should be able to plan for their happy old age and today’s elders should get a dignified and cared for life full of happiness. It is the vision of Ageing Nepal that elders of Nepal will have such environment with facilities and services to suit their personal need, capacity and the taste." Vision of Ageing Nepal
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